( I was asked to build a story using these phrases: trumpets blaring , my boss sweeps the floor , Thanks for sharing, my pet cat is a dog, sun-dried tomatoes .
And this is what I wrote..)

My queerly humdrum LIFE........
Have you ever craved for something that you worked very hard to achieve? You put your mind and heart to it. You fight for it, you make sacrifices for it. And just when you get, it all goes downhill from there. If you have experienced this, my friend, I can empathize with you. But if you haven’t then surely you need to read my story. Welcome to my dull, mundane and boring life.
My life is a like some pathetic soap opera where the part when everything starts ascending never arrives. I have been working in a magazine for 100 years or so it seems. I arrived here as a budding writer and I think I am still in the process of ‘budding’. I was expecting something more and something better out of my job. I always dream that one day I will enter my office as the editor-in-chief and there will be trumpets blaring and my assistants curtseying; which will never ever happen at least in this lifetime. My working in office consists of seeing the same unattractive and lifeless faces of two people, with whom I spent most of my working hours.
Well, to begin with one of them is Rochelle who likes to think that my boss sweeps the floor for her but in reality it is nothing but her poignant heart imagining impossible scenarios. We can blame it on all the romantic paperbacks and lovesick heart-warming movies stacked in her office shelf, where we were supposed to keep our written documents. My other co-worker is a lax, irresponsible being. She has this bad habit of making me share everything I bring for lunch. She gobbles up my whole escalloped food and then goofily smiles and says,” Thanks for sharing” and I am like you are not welcome, of course in my mind.
If this is not enough, then to top it all I have an annoying old lady as neighbour who cannot understand a simple fact that I have a dog as a pet. She thinks since she has a cat so do I. Also we order food for our pets from the same store down the lane and whenever an employee from there delivers my pet’s food, she takes it as I am still working in office. And every time, every single time I go to her to collect the food, she is like,” But you have cat, Andrea? So why dog food?” and I correct her,” It is Adrienne.” As for the cat part, I simply choose to ignore it but one day I was so tired and irritated from office work that when she asked me,” But you have a cat, don’t you? Why dog food?” and I replied,” Well you see, my pet cat is a dog.” She just gave me an odd look and closed her door.
This is not the only time she got me wrong. Once she asked me what I would like for my birthday, I still remember I had said sun- dried apples. Well, every year I receive sun-dried tomatoes from her as a birthday gift. My life couldn’t get better, could it?

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