Its a saying "Do fast, fail fast".

I know that's right. I am just clearing up my head. I don't know which class of entrepreneur I fall in. Maybe am not an entrepreneur at all. Anyway I don't call myself that anymore, am just a person with a venture of his own. A venture which have a very flawed business model. Cash flow is feeble. And there doesn't seem to be a promising future to this business model. Anyway, one can always pivot. So that's a different story.

It has been more than 2 years now since I started it. Initially I worked 18 hours a day to build the whole thing from scratch. Then situations changed and I had to take up a full time job in a start-up which provided me good enough flexibility to continue with my venture. It was needed because money is always needed for survival. It went that way for some 1 and a half more years. I made quite a bit of advancements technically but traction was still slow which it still is. Changes were frequent. Enthusiasm was good. Oh, I forgot to mention that I am the single person in my venture. Its not that I never sought after a co-founder but few disappointments made me reluctant in my hunt. I would like to mention that friends were always helpful.

So why did I continue till date when the traction is low compared to the expectations? Because my users who use my "product" always give such an awesome feedback. When they join, they send a private message about how much they liked the platform. Their positive feedback and appreciation is the only thing which push me further and motivates me to keep going on even when the number of new people who used my product is still low. ( its a decent number but low as compared to expectations )

The start-up which I had joined was shut-down about 9 months ago. Since then I have taken up a job which pays well now. I am secured financially but I am not able to make significant improvements in my product now. And the system always throws new challenges which are left un-answered most of the times now because I have very less time. My time goes in job, my parents and friends more, because at some point of time I had realized that I need to have a work life balance. I was giving all of my time to office where I work and the start-up am running. I am a single person and there are thousand things to do. I know it might sound like an excuse but am unable to manage time.

So am giving lesser time to my start-up which once used to be my heart and soul. I am falling a little hopeless for its future. But that I had experienced earlier too. But I never gave up. Sometimes I wonder, why?

Maybe my heart never allows me to accept a failure when I have not done everything the way I think it should be done. There are always so many more improvements that can be done and that needs to be done. I keep doing those changes and the actually do have a positive impact in improving user experience.

All I need is to regain my focus. Focus is the what I was searching for. It will help me regain the velocity.

I know I lost my direction while writing but I found out the answer I was searching for.

P.S: No need to poll, am anonymous!

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