He knew nothing about art, but something was attracting him towards that painting. On a normal day it was just a piece of canvas painted with red and yellow, making no sense at all, however this was not a normal day, not for him. Its been 20 minutes he has been standing in front of that piece of modern art and admiring.

May be its the wine, thought Anisha, as she finally started walking towards him. She has known him for over six years now, but never knew he could be so interested in a piece of art.

"That is interesting" said Anisha, as she moved to stand beside him.

"Isn't it" he replied without taking his eyes away from the painting, "this is the most beautiful piece of art, i have ever seen"

"May be this is the only piece of art you ever noticed" she replied while taking the wine glass from his hand. "I think it is time, that you get back home"

"I want to meet the artist"he snapped back restlessly

"Sure you do, I will introduce you to her, when you are sober enough" she replied while looking back at him

"I am sober, a few glasses of wine cant make me drunk" there was a hint of anger in his voice

She pretended as she has not heard him and started to make a move towards the exit. She loved seeing him getting restless.

He was irritated and felt insulted. He has known her for so long, but could never understand her. Every time, he dropped her home, he thought to himself, why is he still friends with her, may be because there was no one else interested in being with him. This was a strange city and every friend counted.

Aakash shook his head, and moved towards the exit, ignoring the painting behind him.

To be continued....

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