I go for a morning walk every morning. Alone. In the early morning around 5:30 to 6 am. The road is always quiet and deserted at that time. I wear my enormously big jacket and a trouser,put earphones,loud music going on. And i go for a walk.
I walk. I think. Think about myself,the society,my friends,my family. Everything that i can get my mind on. Its just the thing that came into my thought this morning. I was thinking about the DELHI BRAVE-HEART,just random thoughts. And i saw a group of 3 men. All in 30's. They were continuously gazing at me. Or i can say,gaping at me. I got conscious,may be because my mind was pre-occupied. I looked down. Then again i looked up. Their eyes still fixed on me. My heart started beating fast,faster.
And then i felt a guy calling me from behind. He just said "excuse me". That was enough to scare the freaking shit out of me. I just decreased the volume and asked him what he wanted. He smiled,came,stood beside me. And said,"I have seen you so many times. What's your name?" And blinked as if he wanted to signal something to me. We continued to walk. I did not understand what he was trying to do at that particular moment but i got to know a bit later. When we crossed that tea stall,he said "nice meeting you,hope i will see you again" and went off running.
That's when it hit my mind. He was just acting like he knew me just to save me from those creepy men at the tea stall.
So,i just randomly realized,there still are guys who really care about the safety of girls in the society. And at this very thought,my heart got overwhelmed. I felt strangely strong and positive. As if i had regained the faith in our society.
I thank him from the bottom of my heart. I wish i could just ask him his name. I wish we meet again. :)

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