Hey dude,

Just came across this thought .

First i would like to tell you that stop sending your kaalu or telugu friends.

Secondly believe me those friends of yours are not good. I am not trying to seperate you from anyone. I understand you are coward to face me but that does not mean you will send those kaalu in my class. Another thing dude try to separate yourself from those kaalu's. You will see the difference. Probably you are going in wrong direction.

Thirdly i understand that you run for money but that does not mean that you will become pimp . I always respected you.

Fourth and the last , Just a piece of advice to the girl whom i loved the most. That be with a right person in your life. Take care and best of luck for your studies. Excel in your studies. You are the champ. Never ever ever think that you belong to those cheap society of black's .

My wishes are there with you girl. For now signing off again.

Love you girl and take care.

Tags: Advice

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