The crimson light blushed across the mountains as the dawn made its appearance. The birds chirped all through the silence adding a symphony, one can never forget. The iron bench relaxed under the shadow of the thick green trees on either sides. The cold autumn breeze curiously investigated the strange man sitting on the bench. Curious still was his gentle face with a smile reminding them of the dawn, calm and peaceful. I could feel them kiss me on the cheeks as the warmth of the gentle sun touched me. My heart was heavy with the weight of waiting. For an old friend perhaps. I am not known to have many friends, but I knew it would soon come to an end. With a twist in the breeze, she appeared. Sitting right next to me. Just as I had always imagined her. Thick black hair, wearing a bright dress with flowers all over it, a mature voice strangely familiar and her soft hands gently sliding away her hair behind those ears.


"Its Beautiful." she said looking at the view far away.

"Indeed." A strange peaceful silence accompanied.

"Weird. That Smile of yours brings me discomfort for some reason. Never happened before" she muttered.

"Maybe because a part of you already knows the reason behind it." I responded.

"So, this is it Haan?" She said, with a dull tone.

"It had always been you, you know. The one person I felt most comfortable with. In times of pain, in times of happiness, in times of fear and many others, you always have been there for me. You gave me a connection that strengthened  me with hope. But it also made me weak, weaker than I had ever expected. I hid behind you when life presented itself with its thrills. It became a habit, cutting me off of all the capabilities that thrill had to offer. " I replied.

As the silence continued, with a fade of her smile, I continued,

"Its not you. Its me. It was my decisions that made it all worst. My addiction to you that made me do all the wrongs. And those decision kept on coming, without a stop. You and I, we already knew we had to face this day." I stopped.

"World out there can never be as beautiful as the one you are in right now, the one you made here." she replied pointing out at the dawn.

"Maybe. But no matter how pretty, its still not real. Not these trees, these sunshine, the mountains and nor you. You are a part of me that I portrayed best to converse with. To share these last words with. to finally come in terms with, to finally depart. Looking back no other words can describe my emotions attached with you. Thank you for everything." I said looking at her deep blue eyes with the same gentle smile.

"Its true, I am not the one suitable for living with. But I defiantly am worth visiting. You know that right? Funny how one's imagination impacts a life." A smile broke out as her words echoed off.


  The silence filled in, Her presence vanished, The sun finally rose high with his full strength, The breeze searched for the man who once stayed.

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