"Di can I borrow your scooty for 1 day. My scooty's tyre is punctured" I asked di when I was at my aunt's place. She said I could take her scooty as she didn't need it that day. The only problem that there was only little petrol in the tank. "But it is sufficient enough for you to reach your school" she said. So I was relieved. I thought I would go to the petrol pump after school.

So the next day I got up at 4:30. Yes its too early in the morning, but I had my coaching classes at 5:30 in the morning and after the classes I would directly go to school which was quite near to the coaching classes. Around quarter past five, I was all set to go. I got out of the street and reached the main road. To my horror, the scooty stopped.. I understood... that there was not even a trace amount of petrol in the tank. I felt so frustrated.. What was I supposed to do in the wee hours of morning. I had to reach my coaching on time..

If it were my scooty, I would have left it on the road and would have taken it back while returning from school. I had used this funda in the past as well. But I could not do this with someone else's scooty. Without losing time I decided that I would take back the scooty to my aunt's home and then go to coaching on foot. It was a 10 min walk, so the distance was not a problem.

"Kya hua beta, petrol khatam ho gya kya?" I turned back to see an unfamiliar face. It was a man, in his fifties I guess. It was still dark and I was actually pleasantly surprised to hear a genial voice. I hesitantly said yes. That uncle was also on a scooty. He said he had some petrol in a small bottle. Without any second thought, he took out the bottle and he himself started to pour the petrol into my scooty's tank; meanwhile he was advising me to always keep a spare bottle of petrol. I was standing there silently and listening to what he was saying. Once he poured the petrol I was so relieved and so happy for the timely help I got.

But in my relief I forgot that I had not even said a thank you.. But by the time I realised it was too late. That uncle was already gone. Since that time I feel how stupid I am.. couldn't even say a thank you. This incident occured 5-6 years back, but it still hurts me that I did not say thanks to that gentleman.

May be I did not say thank you but I was thankful and will always be thankful to him and God as well. I literally thought of that uncle as a God's angel. I also learnt a lesson from this incidence. "Never be late in saying thank you to the people who help you, because that's the least you can do in return and not saying it makes you feel miserable.."

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