I always had this strange fascination with the fragrance of rain you see. I could almost feel it kissing the dry and thirsty mud. Takes me back home, far deep into the woods. I cant help but submit myself to it. I let it take me on a journey of internal monologues and make myself feel better, my daily dose of dopamine rush. It helps me connect so many dots, the same dots I never believed existed a moment ago. Perhaps they are just my delusions, yet somehow I find them more real than most people. Believing in what they are doing is right. believing they are always right. Trying to justify their failures without excepting their wrongdoings. Why wouldn't they? after all this society demands only the perfect successful people, rejecting every bit of their true self, their failures. Whats more funnier is that the same society does that while agreeing failures are and had always been the same people's ladder to what they are now. This kind of hypocrisy is what I despise most. And its the the very thing that makes people hesitant on expressing their concern on the matter with others. Dopamine pushes them forcing to deny the possibility of being wrong. Hence they end up justifying their mediocrity, hiding everything that's real and showing off beautiful lies like colourful cloths. We all know what happens next, the lies grow with that their mediocrity too. They end up taking credits of others, Of those who already accepted theirs and grew out of it. Whats worst is they consider it to be a clever move. But the cruel truth is.. Its all still their justifying delusions and they are still mediocre within, A marketing strategy perhaps. 

             Here I am contemplating mediocrity to fragrance of the wet mud, while I stand here looking out of the window at a distance street light trying its best to hide behind the cold droplets. It reminds me of those who are afraid of their mediocrity that they end up not only hiding from their mediocrity but also from people. I am one such kind. Never been less proud before. I am no warrior, I am just a worrier. I am not perfect. No man ever truly is. That's what defines us as humans you see, our mediocrity. I find it strange how mediocrity is similar to energy in a way, it can only be transferred from one form to another. We can never truly destroy it. It makes me wonder, Is that what takes humans to their best of self? What would happen if humans possessed the ability to change the form of their mediocrity, at the right time to the right form? Perhaps that's the secret. Not attempting to destroy it, but to tame it to our needs. Sounds painful and scary enough. But I think its worth a try. 

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