A thought that titillates me when it comes to you,
Oh, that one meeting equivocates for the confession I have.
Maybe it was too soon to ask you for it,
So i didn't.
Maybe it was too soon for my absence to bother you, so it didn't.
Maybe it was too early for that clink to be melody. Still I tried. 

There is no day
That does not remind me of you,
That does not ask me to ping you up,
That does not militate against my will,
Then I write about us, & rest is me and my quill.

My doing away with might have left you numb,
But Trust me sweetheart, I was your benevolent,
Since I have been so trivial for you
& there you are, a Complacent.

I was hurt to see your that side and the text,
Every word of which disparaged me.
I could not defend much
Due to the meaning of you to me.

Recalling you, I feel bad for a while
Afterwards, I start hoping to see
Your enticing smile.
Someday, sometime, maybe! 

Never knew the things would go this much wrong between us,
Never expected to lose you like this,
Never meant to behave the way I used to,at times
Never wanted you to reflect me,
It is just that no matter if I didn't but you did affect me. You do affect me!
Yes you do :) 

- Dirgha Pandey

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