A fascinating sight,
was that tree,
Ancient and huge,
with an unknown history..

It had a big trunk,
more than thrice the size of electric poles,
which held the several branches,
stretching to make it tall..

Its many green leaves,
might have seem small and funny,
But together joined,
They made the tree an amazing beauty..

It had endurance,
to withstand the scorching sunlight,
and not to break and fall,
during all those stormy nights..

Providing priceless shade,
used by lots of people for relaxation,
and producing satisfying fruits for the hungry,
without expecting any compensation

It provided shelter,
not only to the amazing chirping little birds,
But also to several tiny creatures,
Unseen by human being's naked eyes..

However, even though it survived the passage of time,
to make it through several eras,
Every creature has to die,
In the end it had to go down..

It was cut down,
By those cruel workers,
paid for the job,
by some stupid villagers..

There was once upon a time,
lived a tree,
which was cut down,
to make it history...


Tags: WBC

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