It had been going such a terrible day already, I came back from college tired and did not find mom, no one to cook food, nothing to eat and I slept with an empty stomach. Woke up late, at 6 in the evening.. and to worsen the already bad day, my brother started fighting with me. Tired, hungry and now upset, I decided to go out in the balcony to observe something interesting in the street. Just outside my house is a huge park, and as I stepped outside, a chilling wind blew and I literally froze standing there, but somehow I liked it. A winter evening and it was dark already at 6, also lonely. The entire street was empty except a biker going back home and a lady trying to park her car, and within those 5 minutes, she had bumped it ten times already. Well, I could only laugh standing there, and somewhere pity her too. And while I turned to go inside, I heard a voice; the voice of a girl. She was whistling; Yes. Never in my life had I heard a girl whistle!
It was soothing; I leaned in to watch her. She was walking her dog and since it was all quiet by then I could hear her whistle very clearly, also, she was almost 2 houses far my house. Wearing a jeans and a black hoodie, with hair open and her dog's leash in one had, I couldn’t see her face as she had turned away from me. She was slim, with an average body type and tall, as tall as I would like I thought! She constantly tried to manage her hair, I thought it would be wet. She then put her hair entirely on the left side in the front; I wondered how she was looking. Her dog was so calm, obeyed what she said (probably, as I couldn’t hear her say). Sometimes, it sat down (confused about the gender of the dog) and the other second it would just start walking. She whistled to walk him, as he would only walk when she whistled. Wonderful coordination I thought!
The whistle was like a soft song, one of those voices that could make you forget the miseries. It made me forget the anger and even hunger!! I started to imagine her voice. “if she whistles this softly, I wonder how her voice would be like!” I thought. I wanted to see her face but couldn’t, just when I thought to go down only to see her, something happened.
She went to the back side of the lane and god alone knows how fast I ran from the balcony to the back side, almost getting my toe hit by the bedside, only to get a glimpse of her. It was all dark and only a street light to support the view. I waited for a minute just when she appeared. From my first floor’s balcony I was staring at the service lane which was all dark, my brother had already declared me mad by that point! But little did I care. I concentrated on her; Only her.
As she came, I saw a cute, beautiful face with lovely eyes and such a big smile. I wondered where she was all this time. I somehow managed to hide in the dark and didn’t switch any lights as to not freak her out. With the leash in one hand and still managing her hair with the other; it was a windy evening indeed. I finally heard her voice; “No Bruno! Come back here” she said. And oh my! Those words echoed as holy chants in my ears. I loved her voice. Not only was she beautiful but she had a lovely voice. “A voice I would like to hear every morning for the rest of my life”, I wondered.
Her dog had freshen up now and it was time for her to go back, she came to the front lane again, and again in high speed I came in the balcony, my brother passed a few comments, I decided to beat him up AFTER I finish watching her go. As she was going back to her home, she passed by my house and generally looked up, and there I was standing with a heavy breath, calming myself down from the run I had a minute ago. My heart started beating fast as she looked at me, really fast. I wanted to pass a smile, but I was thinking too much and couldn’t act, and within a second she looked away. I watched her enter her house and then I went inside me room, wondering how in this world I not noticed her before. I slept comfortably that night with her thoughts and her voice echoing in my ears.

Tags: Unknown, Fantasy

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