They met on WB
When they somehow got time free
He began writing...serious stuff at first
She wrote too, but write she must
She liked his, he liked her
They soon began liking one another
His changed to poems now..a long romantic one
her reading turned out to be super fun
She stood transfixed...
With feelings mixed
He invited her out...on TWITTER
With all love and glitter
Tweeting his love day and night
Not once letting her outta sight
He proposed
She blushed
Twenty 'likes' were sent
His funny cronies had lent
Wedding was solemnized on FB
Absolutely without any fee
The 'priest' chanted
A few mantras recanted
Photographs were exchanged
He looked deranged
She so weight gained
They fainted
The brief acquainted
Planning to sue each other for Con
Divorce proceedings are now on!

Tags: Humor

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