It was last summer. I walked out of my house to the yard, it was a clear warm night. I always liked to walk at night and especially during such darker nights when the stars shines much brighter. I called my friend Veronica for a walk but she swore to me with sleepy voice but walking was a healthy exercise so i forced her to tag along and walk together. I got dressed, took some money and went off. At this time, no vehicles drove on the road and I decided to take a walk but Veronica's house was a kilometer away from mine. I went to the stall which was next to my house.

"A lighter and a pack of Gold Flakes please" i said.
"Here you go Sir and a special discount for you" said the women vendor.
"Why a discount? I didn't get you!" I said.
"You usually buy cigs from here and you don't recognise me. The other guys constantly harass me to try to seek my attention and you don't recognise me. Do you think i am beautiful enough to get harassed? she replied.

I tried to examine her but it wasn't easy to do that just from seeing her through a small window of the stall but to whatever i noticed i liked her a lot. She was an amazing person. I wondered that how I had not noticed her and it wasn't surprising that the guys are trying to get to know her. She had blonde hair and big blue eyes which would seem horny to anyone isn't?

"No, I think you're very beautiful. It was my bad that i couldn't pay attention to to you. So let's get acquainted, you mind? I'm Maric and its nice to meet you" i said.

"And my name is Anastasia and i really don't mind you but what are you doing at the streets late night?" she replied.

"Oh, just walking. Maybe you would join?" I asked as i had forgotten about Veronica now.

She offered me to come inside the stall which was a place a where hardly two people would fit as i forgot about the walk and dwelled into her. I sat next to Anastasia and we talked about general stuffs.

"You know, you're just like as soon as I saw you. You often buy cigarettes from my stall but I did not dare to speak to you but just today I decided to do so because i was so afraid that even you'll start harassing me. Its rare to find a decent person like you" she said.

She suddenly leaned over and kissed me. I did not resist but just got a little surprised. Its not as if i did not like it but on the contrary i would never forget that kiss because there was so much passion and desire in it. She then pulled me back and i looked into her eyes as if seeking approval in her oceanic blue eyes. I did not think long and i kissed her on her dark red lips as my hands slid down her back and then to her chest. I quickly mastered dodgy lock on her shoulder and then unbuttoned her top followed by her pink panties as she pulled my jeans. My eyes had the glance of her shaved crotch. She beckoned me that I bit into her lips. I showered her with kisses and she answered softly, moaning.

"Wait, wait. Swap places please" she said.

I pulled away from her, and we had changed places and now she hid under the stall and i could be visible from the stall's window. She undid my garment and pulled them together again. She gripped my phallus and began to stroke her hand. I leaned on the back and closed my eyes. I felt her hot breath near my phallus as her lips touched my phallus's head. I shuddered with delight. She stepped back and looked at me as her face had a beaming smile. Then she went and took my phallus in her mouth. Her movements were gentle and affectionate.

Then I heard a knock. This was someone knocking on the window stall. It was a customer on Anastasia's stall! I was scared as i sweat but the situation i was in, it seemed like sweat seemed more hornier. Anastasia told me to pretend like the vendor but i told the customer that the shop is closed but Anastasia refused that the shop being closed and told me to pretend like the seller as she kept my phallus in her mouth and didn't remove it. The customer wanted a pack of Gold Flakes as he heard the bellowing but he apparently did not notice anything on the tray and emptied a handful of change in the surface of the stall as he retired happily and i hurriedly closed the window. At that moment, i had already inked Anastasia's face with my love juice.

"I am sorry but i couldn't resist.." I said.
"Do not worry you're a good seller and this is my payback for the profit you earned me" she said as she smiled.

Tags: Erotiscm, Adult

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