It is the first time I am writing on the thing I have been experiencing for many years.
Sometimes the messages are a news for me and the other times, they are a warning, and yet at many times they symbolize the wrongs in my life.

Yes, I do watch dreams. I am not that much over conscious person regarding this matter. But, yes I do look for the meanings which I think could have a meaning for me.

As far as I remember I noticed this case was when I was n class 9th. I used to have a dream of an alley some where in a rural area ( sunset ). I did not know what the place was, nor I had seen it in my real life. Later it turned out to be the place in Kohat where we had stopped to ask for the right directions to our destination when me and my siblings were accompany our uncle to a trip to that place... Realizing it was shocking and amusing for me at the same time!!!

Last time what I dreamed turned out to be a good news. It was about the interview result I had taken for the position of assistant in my university library. Yes, the dream not only revealed my result before time but also indicated the time of being informed of the result. Well I was informed very late in,, and it turned out to be exactly the same...

And second last time I dreamed of being left alone in university on Saturday evening... and only a day ago I came to know something worst happened in uni in the same area (at the same time and on the same day) where I had visualized myself in the dream. My dream did not show me the worst part (actually), but It created the same situation, and the expressions of people working in there were suspicious too. Actually I have a very bad habit of not fearing even when alone! yes, sometimes it is a bad to not to fear even in the place where you should not be present or where the chances of occurrence of worst happenings are more.

Well, I was planning to stay at uni till 4 pm on Saturday to complete my working hours. But just a day before Saturday my room mate told me of that worst event... I was taken aback by hearing the news!! How could it be!! Any how, I instantly changed my mind and did not go to uni on Saturday. It is usually very silent and alone in university on Saturday as there are no scheduled classes on that day, but the makeups.So the large part of it looks haunted.

Every time I see such deep things, either they worry me or they add to my happiness because most of the times they turn out to be true in one way or in the other!

Some times I am amazed at my own dreams coming true, but I never share them. I don't know why. It might have been only a very few times that I shared my dreams but I never shared of their "turning out to be true" part.

I don't know why it happens. All I know is that my creator loves me!!

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