The mirror stood straight staring right at me on my face. The face inside the mirror looked tensed, defeated, in fear and tired. Where did that boy go? The boy who held fire in his eyes, the boy who wanted to shine brighter than any star, the boy who loved what he learned and did? I know he faded into the darkness.. dragged away by the demons of his own. The outside world now seems too robust for the fragile person in the mirror. The pity was the last thing he ever needed. Yet here he is standing and living under it. The hands starts shaking at a single thought of what could happen to him. I hated the guy in the mirror. A tear couldn't hold itself in those weak eyes. It started dripping down. I scolded him to stop. "But its too late now. There exits no hope. A plant cannot be bent once its grown into a tree." said the person in the mirror. That is why I hate him. Because what he told is true. I pity that guy. Yes he has failed, but he still is the only friend who has always been with me all along, every single second of my life. I hated the fact that a person as good as him is standing helpless. I want to help him." Its all right. Because you are not a tree nor are you a plan. You are a simple human being. And these simple human being can achieve more than what those tree can. That is why, I want you to fight. Even if its too late, even if there exists no one beside you, i will be by your side and watch you rise again. So lets fight this time. Lets show the world that you can become strong and stay strong. Lets rise. Together." I said to him. Even though it is not just once that had occurred yet, there exists no reason to stop saying it to the person in the mirror., Because its always worth watching a single ray of hope being generated in those weak eyes.

Tags: Dreams

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