Closing my eyes, introspecting
Lying on the chair, resting
Hands in the lap
I was into a deep nap
“Colors “I was witnessing
Blue, red, yellow, orange
Chariots of thoughts, I was chasing
Then (I) saw a dark spray
Mixing my palette of thoughts
With shades of gloom and grey
Lugubrious and dark
No hope to cherish, no spark
Sweat drops slipped my forehead
I was scared, horrified and sad
Then saw a sun ray knocking the face of river
Touching it, mixing in it, and making it shiver
Colors of their union reflected, all around
I found myself smiling, standing at ground
Then I flew high, high into the space
Was beating the galaxies, magical pace
I jumped into the ocean, to swim, to play
Dolphins, all blue in color, joined me then
We sailed miles, shared smiles, what more to say
It was evening, what an eccentric scene to see
The ocean was gulping the sun, with a glee
I was smiling, laughing, jumping on waves
Suddenly I felt, the wave is making me drown
And saw my mother’s face, there was anger and frown
With sweet words of praise she was about to slap
I realized there was a book in my hand, and I was in a nap
I realized it was the real world,” I must awake”
I went out of my world of dreams, for my own sake

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