Is it not scary?
Does it not prick your curiosity?
Does it not pinch your conscience?
Are you among those finding bliss in ignorance?

It is scary,
How some are millionaires at twenty,
And others are prostitutes at ten.
It is heart touching,
How some are in love at nineteen,
And others are orphans at nine.
It is thought provoking,
How some are gambling-addicted at eighteen,
While others are child laborers at eight.
It is indeed sad,
How many are dreamers at seventeen,
While others are raped at seven.

Many are restless despite their riches,
While others are content just being alive.
Some are wasting food,
While others eat garbage.
The poor are feeding the rich,
instead of the other way around.

Still people thinks the world is all sunshine and butterflies.
Wake up.
This is a world of hurt.

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