Families are difficult and complicated. The relation we share with our closed ones usually turns sour. Yes. No matter how much you deny they do. You get too involved in each others’ lives, routines, and behavior. Their success becomes your success and their failure your regret. There is a reason behind the old adage, more the gap better the relations. Space is important in every relation. It allows you the luxury of a perspective that you otherwise eluded because come on! You were so close that you couldn't even see anything!

Leave it. Leave them. Let them live their lives. Let them fall, rise and fall again. Understand that you cannot live others’ life no matter how bad you want to protect them.

We often think that parents are possessive about their kids. Yes of course they are. But have you ever noticed how many children are possessive about their parents? You will be astonished. The generation gap that has developed plays a major role here, because I personally will not leave my mom alone with the computer. What if she gets confused and does not know what to do! Weird. Our parents never felt that insecure when they got us the very same computer despite of the fact that they knew nothing about it! They always encouraged us saying, “Don’t you worry. Make mistakes, I am there.” So why can’t we? Aren't we capable enough to handle a few glitches?

We need to get out of our parents’ and our sibling’s lives as much as they need to get out of ours. A friend of mine wouldn't even let her mom go to the market alone fearing her orthopedic leg. Yes, she limps a bit but you know what, if she can board a crowded bus with you as a toddler in one hand and a bag full of veggies in the other, then she can definitely handle her orthopedic leg if she says so! We as kids have no right to judge our parents or look down upon them simply because we ‘think’ they aren't efficient now. We have no idea what challenges they have faced in their youth. Probably bigger than what we face now. My mum secured a first class in B. Com in an age when girls’ education was frowned upon. I used to roll my eyes upon the long lasting preaches I was forced to sit through back in my teenage. But now, I feel proud of her.

Let’s not be Dr. Freud here but we cannot deny the theory that our maturity depends on how well we understand and accept our parents. For me, the image of my dad went from being a hero, to a mere human who makes mistakes, to an extremely talented businessman and a loving father. Every kid has a super daddy image fixated in his/her mind. We all want super dads, don’t we? But as we grow up we need to understand we are borne out of humans, and that it is nothing but a privilege. I mean I wouldn't want my dad to go flying in the clouds when I get to be tucked in by him every night!

Mom Dad maybe difficult, but they are not even closely difficult to what your life would be without them. No matter how difficult and remarkably complicated family relations are, cherish the fact that you have those two people who will always stand by you not because they must but only because they want to.

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