What's the most difficult thing a writer has to deal with? Starting a book? Maybe. Completing a book? No. Editing it? Not really. No, none of these is a match to that one thing all writers inevitably suffer from at some point of their life. Oh yes, it's that dreaded thing called a writer's block. It's like an unwanted guest. It comes uninvited and you won't know how long it's here to stay. Its more frustrating than a nosy relative, and it's more unfair than having to work on a holiday. Yet, its like the flu. You have to have it at some point in your life.

Oh, the annoyance of having a writer's block! One minute your head is buzzing with ideas... So much that you cannot decide what to take down. Vivid and elaborate thoughts swim tantalizingly on the surface of your head, urging you to attend to them. And then the next moment, *blank* nothing. You don't know what happened. But your head is empty now. Hollow words float aimlessly. Lone thoughts drift across without a direction. But there is no 'Voila'! The Voila that's responsible for binding and merging these thoughts and words into a beautiful piece of writing. Then you have a choice. You either fry your brain till it comes up with some respectable writing; or you just... wait. Wait for the phase to go away.

But what is the compulsion for writers to write? Maybe because it's their bread and butter, or maybe because it's their passion. For some, it maybe the fame and the money, while for others it's about the appreciation.

For me, writing is about inspiration. The greatest appreciation for my writing would be when it inspires others. The greatest reward for it would be when it inspires me.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Says Maya Angelou. But you know what's worse? It's when you want to express something, but the right words fail you. Those powerful expressions capable of translating your exact feelings elude you. It's when you are not able to deliver an idea in the right words; and delivering it in any words less than perfect is an insult to the idea.

Yet, the beauty of writing is in what it creates. Sometimes, writing can help you overcome a writer's block, by writing about a writer's block. Or at least, deal with it. And that is just what I did. Writing this post may not have done justice to what I intended. But it made me overcome my unwillingness and reluctance to write while going through a writer's block. And that, is nothing but inspiration to me.

Sometimes, writing cures its own predicaments.

And this, ladies and gentlemen,
is why I write.


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