Confidence :

That is the way you feel with yourself and the way you believe truly in yourself; in your abilities and power, in what you can do better. Confidence has positive meaning, so the word is directed to the willing to improve, to be better than others, better than yourself before. When you lack confidence, important characters and feelings inside you can be destroyed, you become :

feeling unsafe;
feeling of guilt;
feeling that u`ll fail easily;
feeling lack of love;
feeling without joy;

All this points are recognized from the lack of confidence. No matter what people think about u, no matter if u see u are successful in life or not, no matter of all failures u made, be sure there is something, which only u can do, something u are unique in and no one can compare with u. When u realize u have the power to change your mind to better, to change the circumstances in your view, then u`ll have the courage to believe in yourself and be confident. Do not be afraid from peoples mind, or thinking, no one can view through your own eyes! Be sure of what u want, of what u can and your power will appear sooner or later! Work on yourself and your inner energy. Don`t let life or people most close to you, or ur parents to affect on your decisions or to change something about u! You are the only owner of yourself and your willing, never doubt about that!
So be confident, and make the path of confidence by yourself.
Do the things u love and like, no matter of what others think; be sure of yourself. Never give up!

nour - 11. August 2012

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