Recently I was thinking much about topic of the co called "cosmetics industry" ,which floods all the world, from West Europe, to East Asia, Africa, America...This is a global issue, as well as pharmacology. Where all started? and why now we have millions of tones of cosmetic products for all parts of our body, even maybe for parts we are not aware about.

When I find myself in a cosmetic shop, or a pharmacy, or a bigger store, I`m always amazed and dizzy from all cosmetic brands that exists there, from the variety of all products, which should and seem to cover all spectrum of human "problems". Is it not mesmerizing? All that shampoos for all hair type, for "shine and gloss", Anti dandruff, "deep hydration", "Anti-aging", "anti-tangle" "anti dry edges"...and soo on endless list. I was thinking if that variety really helps? I want to say from the point of view of person, who "loved" cosmetics or someone who used to look for cosmetics for a long time...No, all these brands and kinds dont help. They just make you curious and willing to "look like" the polished and manufactured photography of the model on the cover, but they do not help you in real! Why? All these products contain so many chemical elements, which are even more endless list than the variety of products. Just look at the package of one cosmetic cream and see all ingredients written on it! You`ll see by yourself and if you are little more mindful than I was...You wont rely for a long lasting effect.

Variety of cosmetic products exists, to make you attracted to them from first sight, and say, wow, this is exactly for my problem!! Then next time, your mind will "invent" another problem (or even if it exists) and you`ll hurry to have another cosmetics. So its simply endless process which makes you more wanting, and more attached to what you "dont have". How many people are actually satisfied from the first thing they have?? (if they have it for first time?) Not many. Its so the global cosmetic industry exists, and poison our planet and our bodies. We are not aware of that, as the process started simply in the beginning, but then growing and growing, threatening all nature and us.

Where is the solution?
Very easy, make your life easy! By only minimum products, which you really need, moreover with all natural ingredients (as possible) , and look for the label, be more choosy and avoid products which contain " Parabens", "Silicones", "parafines", and all kind of damaging chemical elements. Quality matters more! You can start now by just quarrying in your cosmetic stuff and see how many useless things you collected during the last months (or years). Throw away which you didnt use recently or give it away. Dont make compromises, be aware that you want to start from a clean basis. Replace your body lotion with natural one, and do not buy more than you need! Put limits to your hungry "eyes" for cosmetics and you`ll see how your life will be more clean.

The same thing you should be aware about food and so called "food industry" , but this i`ll focus on next time.

What you can do more? As you see the moto of the century continue to be "reduce-reuse-recycle". Dont be late, and start today! Your habits matter for all planet and for environment. See the past - what your grand -grandmother used for themselves and when they helped raisng children? Compare the status of health then and now, as well ass the health of children. Yes, many things improved but not because of "cosmetic industry" for sure. But many things worsen. We are away from natural life every day more and more. Before our grandparents used just an ordinary soap, one or 2 brands of shaving cream, one brand of washing powder. And now? You just cant look over all the brands in cosmetic, let alone to try them! And thats about everything, from "colored cosmetics" to white (creams, lotions, shower gels). And our children are brought up in the same unhealthy environment, just because we see on TV advertising how our baby skin becomes unexpectedly soft after applying on it tones of body cream, and how this helps the poor baby! Even he stops to cry (but it would be from shock)

Make a list now what kind of cosmetics you use every day? Make also list what kind of cosmetic you like to have without to "use" or just by addiction. See also what products you have more than 2 pieces or 3 and think well -is that necessary? Think well what will happen if you use only:

- one shower gel
- one natural body lotion
- one natural face cream
- one natural shampoo

is that very little? We are about to find the answers in the future, after we are aware of effects on our health. All is in our hands. We made already mistake and were caught on the hook like fish, so now is time to realize and think over!

Think well also how many natural products we have , as well as essential oils and how you can implement them in your daily life. (like honey, cucumber, jojoba, tea tree, lavender, rose..)
Your skin and body will be really happy and vibrant with other things like : doing sport daily, activity, meditation, love, healthy foods. Start your research, live old habits behind!

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