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Now to clarify and define the next level of "Purity"- that of mind. Everyone obviously have some kind of idea of what purity of mind is, but if we try to reveal the truth, we`ll see many people have rather different views about that. First of all, we can say what "purity of mind' is not. It`s surely not "peace of mind", or self-reflection, it`s not equal to meditation (even it include it as practice). Purity of mind means many things, connected together in strong chain. So that they can`t exist separately without another.

The same as heart is connected with truth, the mind and higher mind is connected with : intellect, consciousness, concentration, visualization, meditation, peace, endurance. This are the basic principles of the mind purity, all together connected with "wisdom", the same as "heart is connected with innocence. Intellect means that our mind should achieve certain level of knowledge, so to "see" and observe (not just to feel by intuition), what is good and what is bad - which part of world and deeds belongs to God and angels, and which part of world belong to evil spirits. Nothing is in the middle, - as we were thought by communists wrongly, but human make themselves to be by their "free will". The free will and the way we direct it to one or another way is in the core of "purity of mind". For example, Jesus said that whatever is inside your thoughts, that will be also in your heart and from here - easily to appear in your act. It`s simple, if you look and think of "others wife", you are likely by nature of human to desire her in your heart, from that point, it`s just one little step to act, to want to have the wife of your fellow, which no doubt is a sin. (not just in religious society, but also between the tribes, who could kill the transgressor). It`s easy to understand, why taboo appear in religion and in any primitive society. Because it`s the basis of later law, means through it humans try to avoid the coming of sin, crime and transgression. So what is in your heart- is in your mind - and vise-versa - it comes to your deeds, sooner or later. That why is so important to achieve purity of mind.

If you want to have pure mind, first you should fulfill the first principle - pure heart. Because if you lie and don`t say the truth, if you keep bad emotions in your heart, it`s quite impossible to achieve pure mind, they are connected as all body parts. The purity of mind require you to have knowledge, as we said, about side of light -God - and side of darkness. The state of high mind, or intellect will lead you to the right way. If you see how someone kill anyone, you`ll call in your mind the transgression and taboo and understand the evil in it. You can`t defend about evil or false causes, and you will be able to defend the causes of truth and light, without any fear. When you have that ability to make choice for good, means you are self-realizing, conscious creature, which can be responsible for his own acts. So your mind is in the level of wisdom. Your mind will be completely pure, if you succeed to maintain the following principles, stages and conditions in good harmony together, and working for you. First of all, you need to have good idea and confidence about what is your aim, on which side you are, and how to achieve it, by your intellect and consciousness, you have to picture for yourself all what you want to be and all what you don`t want. You need to be concentrated in your efforts. Means you can`t be in middle way! It doesnt exist, simply will lead you to another direction. You have to choose a way. (here i don`t talk about realizing ones "week points"). Then your mind should work for you. Put your aim - concentrate - visualize it in a special for you way - and meditate on this aim. That will lead you on the pure way. The purity of mind is totally connected with purity of energies inside body. But specially the the flow of 6th and 7th chakra, which means you have to realize your high self.
Devoting to knowledge, books, sacred texts, doctrines, meditation practices will lead you on the right way of mind. Your mind also need to be fully open, and peaceful, in order to achieve all that. The stressed mind, and anxiety will work for opposite and destroy your balance and energies. Mind is something you need to direct and work on it, practice not just it`s logical thinking skills.

Not at last - you need to be very patient, if you don`t achieve results right away.

I want to give a simple example, so that not all to sound very "void" and unclear. If you have hidden thoughts in negative aspect, they will appear in your behavior, or, some day in your health. You`ll suffer frequent headaches. Have you experienced the following situation? Someone who you don`t like too much, or even dislike tend to come to your home to visit you. You can`t avoid that visit, even it`s not pleasant for you. what you have to do? First, without your mind to be trained you naturally think "Oh what crazy person, i hate him/her to be here! how i`ll stand all this time with her?" then your senses and heart start to be filled with some negative feelings and boredom from the event, then you simply show your grim face or gesture to the person, who from his/ her side feel offended from your behavior, which leads to conflict.....and so on, OR which is the same even worse, you dont show your real heart/ face and smile in a fake way, so the person thinks you love him and start to come again and again, while your tension is growing. The both methods don`t work here. The only way out -is out of the lie. First of all, as much as you say the truth, the good will come to you. Don`t be afraid if you totally dislike this person, and even he/ she don`t feel it, simply find a polite way to say you are very different and make soft comment that you "prefer" to be alone, do not be afraid to speak your mind and truth feelings. That will benefit you. The second way also requires practice, maybe this person is send to you to train your patience and good qualities, so don`t hide, but visualize before his/ her coming a nice picture of your communication and time together, try to find the good inside this person, then your heart will be in tune with the mission...when she comes, you`ll have your mind in positive light.

- nour -
July -2013

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