where is it? where is it?
the thing that makes me fine and fit..
where is it? where is it?
which gives me from all pains a peaceful exit.

neither in drawers. nor in dressing table..
my starving soul's starving mode is enabled.
she is beauty, she is marveling,
to all of my senses, she's just everything..

she is addictive and i am addicted,
with her, i feel completed.
but when she isnt around,
i go crazy until she's found..

oh my dear cocaine, my dear brown sugar..
you are the only thing that remains with me forever
even the first love of my life left me..
she wasnt love, love is defined by just u and me..

you are the solution to every problem,
i am crazy for you my dear cocaine
you have intoxicated all of my nerves
your place in my life noone deserves..

but they dont understand my feelings
they just want to shift to rehab my belongings..
i hate them, because they cant c my need
they dont know the pleasure in smoking weed..

my head just spins when i dont take it,
there is no reason to live without it.
before i am transferred to rehab tomorrow..
i will escape from this home and this sorrow.

clock striked 3 in the dawn and i came out..
i am free flying bird without any doubt..
its morning already, and cocaine is in my veins,
in some eatery nearby, a beautiful girl makes me go insane..

i go to that eatery and order breakfast,
i sit near her table to have a glance.
but as i sit she gets up and moves towards the counter.
fuck, i say and take out drugs for pains to be encountered.

"deb", some1 calls my name and i look behind,
shit, she is the first love of my life, looking so divine.
"are you taking drugs again?" she then asks..
without any answer, i get up and start moving putting on a indifferent mask..

she yell behind my back, but i keep on walking..
i couldn't take the drugs, see how on me life's mocking..
no matter how much i refuse i still love her the same..
we were so perfect together but all i have now is cocaine..

i want to have her back without her my life is in vain,
but i remember i chose latter when she asked,"me or cocaine?"
even after my decision, she never stopped caring for me..
so i abused her, knowing she wanted to separate drugs from me..

then all of a sudden she had left me..
drugs became my only life entity..
"done" i decide i will not take drugs anymore,
feeling nice, i walk back towards my home..

once reached, i go to talk to dad..
to tell him to drop me to rehab..
be he is not there when i enter his room..
then i spot a pile of cards saying "GET WELL SOON"

when i take a closer look, they are from ragini..
suddenly realising that my first love never had left me..
my dad enters and i give him a puzzled look..
he explains, " i told her, you to rehab we too"

SHIT SHIT SHIT, i call her to apologize..
but screw my luck i get no replies.
i rush to her home but no one is there..
when i am walking back to home, i spot her on the eatery square.

she is sitting at my table with her head lied down.
"ragini" i say and she looks up to the sound..
her eyes are moist and i hate myself to give her pain..
i say," i love you and i aint taking drugs again"
she hugs me tight..
finally the things are right.
yes, she is love and she had never left me..
love is defined by JUST her and me...


a real story with a little exaggeration ..:P
hope u like it.

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