Happy days, glowing days
Festive days, sunny days
The time of season
The time of romance

Ye dil jo dhadakta hai
Wo dil jo sambhaalta hai
Sehem sehem k
Kambakht isne kiya kya haal hai.

And then came the moment of truth.
Checkmate, the fate said once again
You can't have everything
You are not that good

Mumkin toh tha
Par kisi na kisi ko kuch toh gila tha
Imagination just boiled down to reality
Dreams clashed, yet again.

There is no prince charming
There is no sunshine
Only what is left is you and me
Plain vanilla. The hard fact!

Note: The person for whom I wrote, read it as part of work-in-progress and hated it so much that I could not think of finishing this poem for the first time.

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