Your lips, I adore,
Violet wet with wine & bloodshot with a wild desire;
Your arms, I adore,
The warm snowy skin traces mine in a fond embrace.

Your eyes, I adore,
When the love light lies lit with a passionate fire;
Your hair, I adore,
When the strands enmesh your pecks against my face.

Not for me the icy,
Tranquil caress of a virgin’s violent thirst;
Give me love that so freely
Gives & laughs at the entire world’s blame.

Not for me a saint’s silvery bliss,
Nor the heart of an unsullied warblers;
With your form so novel & poise in my arms,
Sets my poor soul aflame.

Kiss me slushy with your stirring wet mouth,
Still scented with crimson wine;
And say with a fervor born of lust,
That your body and soul are mine.

Hook me close in your heartfelt arms,
While the pale stars twinkle above;
And we’ll live our whole new lives away.
Astray in the joys of a living love.

Tags: Love, Poetry, ROMANCE

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