Can't stop myself writing it after your that post.

"जो तुम्हारी हैं...उसे...ज़िंदगी कहते हैं...हुज़ूर...
हम...जिससे गुज़र रहे हैं...उसे...हालात कहते हैं..."

....And I became a silent observer,here to mark a presence (as in tribute post that person said "He took an early voluntary retirement") that i am not dead yet ...just became a silent observer ..... I am thankful to The One who inspire me and all those who still has fade memory and thankful to all those too who manage to forget (hehehe) :P.

न जान॓ कब त॓र॓ दिल पर नई दस्तक हो,
जब मकान खाली हुआ है तो कोई तो आएगा ||

A combination of alphabet(what i had during that phase within my mind, when i made myself to left writing for some higher cause then writing itself) here again to say "Hello" to the person who wrote tribute for me and all those who still has fade memory or may be after reading this feel like, yes someone was there with you in joureny (Ek saathi or bhi tha...) he is still here as an silent observer and I will be here playing with maze of words if The Fourth Co-ordinate (Time) allows.

निभाना रिश्ते कोई आसान नहीं होता
गुज़र जाती है ज़िन्दगी खुद से लड़ाई में ||

The Conversation Within :

“Sorry, but I have plans elsewhere,” I said darkly. “I’m leaving, and I’ll be gone for a unknown time horizon.”

“What plans?”

“ Doesn't matter why I kept you in the dark. I’m going and that’s final.”

“You can’t go” WB said.

“I can and I will.”

“You promised to be with me always. How can you be with me if you’re gone?”

“I didn't lie to you. I will always be with you, a silent observer ” I told WB gently.

He stood, reached for WB, but realized what he was doing and dropped his finger to his sides. “You have to trust me on this.”

दर्द अपनी जगह क़ायम था...ज़िंदगी के दौर बदलते रहे...
मंज़िल वही रखी...हम रास्ते बदलते रहे...

Time for,
The silent talk :

I'll admit that the Romans had a point. You gotta live life. And living means that every morning, when you wake up, you have to CHOOSE Between seizing what life offers in the moment, and forging ahead, no matter the weather Or closing the curtains, and shutting out the day......and i became a silent observer.

शतरंज के खेल में
घोडा हमेशा ढाई घर चलता है
और ऊंट तिरछा
चाहो तो घोड़ा एक घर चला दो
और ऊंट सीधा
लेकिन हर चीज़ के अपने क़ायदे होते हैं.

This is
For you WB :

I learn to let go and then YOU catch me again. it's like we are playing tag and I can never run far enough away. it's true when they say memories haunt you, they are not lying. The memories keep bringing me back, it keeps allowing me to take chances at something that's impossible, it keeps making me forgive people and things that I said I would never take another shot at.

कुछ उस को भी अज़ीज़ हैं अपने सब उसूल, कुछ हम भी इत्तेफाक से जिद्द के मरीज़ हैं ||

Sometime words are better left unspoken

Other times, those unspoken words
could have made all the difference !!!!!

Time for,
Self defense :
The difference between Silence and Dead.....

मगर जब हमारी सीरत पे सारी गुफ्तगू हो ले,
तो ये भी याद रखियेगा अभी तक हम नहीं बोले ||

Someone said "He lost interest. Lost the plot. And the game."

अगर सच आप को परेशां कर रहा हैं...
कुछ मसले सुलझाना बेहद ज़रूरी हैं...

(That's why silent observer forced to defend )

सर पर बॊझ आंधियारो का है, मौला खेर,
और सफ़र कोहसारो का है, मौला खेर ।
दुश्मन से तो टक्कर ली है सौ सौ बार ,
सामना अब के यारो का है, मौला खेर ॥

The word "He lost..." comes Coldplay in background singing slowly (Just because I'm losing(interest),Doesn't mean I'm lost, Doesn't mean I'll stop, Doesn't mean I'm across....Oh and I'm just waiting 'til the shine wears off -- Thanks to Coldplay). Do I really lost interest?? or other priorities take over the writing. I have to go with priority as.... (Yahan zinda rahne ki ladai mein logo ki zindgiya nikal jati hai janab, har koi kahan itne naseeb wala hota hai ki wo wahi kare jo kerna chehta hai.... philosophy ki baatain or hoti hai dost jo naseeb ko nahi manti.....jameeni hakikat kuch or hoti hai shabh ...mujhe ab or ilzaam na dejiye)

"......just shut the eyes in order to see The Augmented Reality...."

The word "Lost The Plot".....
I was waiting,
and waiting-in silence,
for none,
but my silences-to speak.
and they said I lost my plot ... Really I ??

And the "Lost the game...." ... I thought "What the caterpillar calls the end of the world... the master calls a butterfly.”

These lines make perfect sense to me
"There is a part of me that wants to write, a part that wants to theories, a part that wants to sculpt, a part that wants to reach beyond. To force myself into a single role, to decide to be just one thing in life, would kill off large parts of me..."

How can one loose the game when he is not playing against anyone??

अमृत दो देवो को विष मुझको पीने दो,
शिव बनकर जीना है शिव बनकर जीने दो ||

And at another place someone wrote " the babu is a trader(to correct "babu was a trader" :P)...lost few points stop writing because of points....

on writing for point thing

गिराना था तो और भी मुकाम थे साक़ी,
ये क्या किया नजरों से गिर दिया ॥

(still people exist who never writes for point, they write just to express what is going inside head)

little on trader
"Sometime it is not enough to do your best you have to do what is required." A good trader forced to hedge or cut its open position when in need...when in need, interest to open new position doesn't matter :) and i used to be a trader :P.

पिछले मौसम एक समंदर खुश्क हुआ था !
मैं सहरा को अब नम होते देख रहा हूँ ||

And on last but not least....."He has forgotten to write...." (cease fire doesn't mean someone forget how to fire the weapon ;) :P )

इतने वक़्त बाद भी शामिल है
तू(writing) मेरी साँसों में .. ^_^ :)
तू(writing) अगर नशा होता
कब का उतर गया होता .. !! :)

Writer is not a single person inside his/her head he/she is bunch of different individual all together. A society inside !!!! So there never comes the question of winning or loosing ....thoughts are just thoughts....

maybe i’d rather not let go and move on. maybe i’d rather hold on to this than to be out there in the world..... but i think it’s dangerous to let go for. I might love it more fiercely when I step back into this and realize there’ something out there for you.

तेरी महफ़िल से उठे तो किसी को खबर तक ना थी,
तेरा मुड़-मुड़कर देखना हमें बदनाम कर गया !!

In the end.....

अब आगे इस में तेरा नाम आयेगा जुरूर,
गर हुक्म हो तो यहीं छोड़ दूं फ़साने को ? ;)

P.S.: Don't take defense part seriously i write just to write. Writer doesn't have any intention to offend or hurt anyone in any way. writer put some bits and piece together just for and enjoy.

AND Finally all credit goes to The One who inspired me to collect few words from here and there to put them all together to make a presence here after long time. Thank YOU (if person permits i will put name here most of you probably know about whom I am talking)

Thank you From Bottom of my heart for these wonderful word :

"Hats off to him. An awesome writer.
Humble man.
He took an early voluntary retirement.
But still my favorite author."

I am honored. Actually the one who wrote these words deserve more then these words speechless to you.....I am nowhere near to these words....nowhere near in any sense ..when I read you I am not a writer indeed. You always owe the writer tag, you are literature expert and i am still trying to engineering on words.

# Respect for You :)

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