the year was 2010, october 2010 infact..i was out to watch the India Aus test match in Chinnaswamy Bangalore. After the day's play it was clear that India was easily going to win that one, what with a weakened Australia team touring the subcontinent the second time. That's another topic anyway. So after the match, me and my friend were roaming around inside the stadium building when we spotted a group of children, mostly school girls in a huddle and pretty excited and chirpy. On closer, examination, we could see that there stood Mr Sunil Gavaskar alongwith Mr LS. And so our little girls were taking snaps alongside the stars of India Cricket. Very nice and happy I said to myself and we exchanged our greetings with the two of them and requested for a snap which they accepted of-course. So we stood there, the two stars, the two friends and few more school girls all smiling ear to ear in anticipation of the click. when.......suddenly I and everybody else realized.....wheres the one who was snap-ping earlier had seemingly left and all others were on this side of the curtain. lol i said to myself and of-course the two celebrities would'nt have the time to bear with us anymore i thought so I said never mind and thank you.....i thought Mr Gavaskar also would have felt a lil embarrassed or seen the funny side of it....:)and we dismembered there......but i felt it was funny....what do you think..:)

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