Akira is an action drama movie about a headstrong young girl named Akira, who is shown to fight against crime, injustice and corruption. This movie also highlights police corruption and the manner how the government officials abuse their powers for personal and departmental benefits. It also emphasizes women power and teaches each women to become emotionally and physically strong.
The story starts showing Akira Sharma as a little girl from Jodhpur, who lives with her small family. Her father is a teacher in a school for disabled and mother is a home-maker. One day Akira happens to witness some unruly men teasing a young girl at the bus stop. On being ignored a boy amongst them threw acid at her face and escaped from the scene. The entire incident was reported to the police and Akira identified the culprit. In the act of revenge the culprit's companions threatened little Akira. At this point, her father got her admitted to karate training school. With all the training and moral support from her father the girl became fearless towards injustice and strong. Then one day while returning from school, Akira again saw those spoiled men, who scared her at the bus stop teasing some girls. As directed by her father she beats them up. During the fight one of the boy tried to throw acid at her face, but she defended herself and attacked him back with acid. The victim's companions reported to the police that the girl is mentally sick and Akira was sent to juvenile jail for 3 years.
Later, she completes her school and story moves to 14 years later when her father had passed away. Akira was pursuing her graduation at a college in Jodhpur. Her brother had abandoned the family to marry a girl from Mumbai. Her brother had been insisting Akira's mom to move to Mumbai with her and stay with them. They move to Mumbai, where Akira gets admitted to Holy Cross College. A couple of students tried to bully her, but she stayed strong and ignored them for sometime after which she broke and beats them up to teach them a lesson.
In another scene, there's one corrupt ACP who along with his subordinates had killed a politician and looted all his money. The same group of police men had run their jeep into a professor from Akira's college and had beaten him up. The college students retaliated to the incident and took out a rally. Among all the student Akira boldly registers an FIR directly to the commissioner about the incident. Meanwhile the murder case was leaked to ACP's girl friend who thought of black mailing him for money. But, the digicam that recorded the evidence goes missing and was found in a bag that was left outside Akira's room in the hostel. Akira returns to the hostel and takes the bag into her room to check it. Soon, ACP's companion police officials came in and arrested her. They try to shoot her in the illusion that she knew everything about the murder and had the evidences. Akira uses her karate skills and manages to escape. The policemen realize that Akira wasn't the girl who was blackmailing them but she was aware of all their crimes till then. They decided to kill her, but when they failed they kidnapped her and got her admitted to a mental asylum. Here, she was tortured and given severe electric shocks. Her college mates, friends and family all had begun to believe that Akira was mentally ill and needed to get treated at the asylum.
Akira wanted justice and prove to her family and world that she was mentally fit and all the torture that was being done to her was a plot by the corrupt ACP and his companions. To do so she manages to escape with a friend from the asylum, Rani, and kidnapped one of the ACP subordinates. She made him admit the crime and threatened him to tell the truth to the world. Scared by the fact that the truth will be revealed the other to policemen and ACP rushed to find her. They freed the captivated policeman and were about to shoot Akira when ACP Rabiya comes to rescue her. She was aware of the entire plot and how Akira was victimized and tortured. But, due to the orders from the superiors she could not arrest the policemen. She was ordered to move out of the case and ask the corrupt ACP to get Akira admitted to the asylum again. As soon as she leaves the scene, Akira beats and kills the corrupt policemen out of anger and still gets herself admitted to the mental hospital . She was freed 3 months later and became a teacher at a school in a small town to follow the footsteps of her father.

Tags: Action, Drama, Movie

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