So this is my second poem ive ever written. I know its bad as hell but just want to share it for a person.

Every Night i come home hurrying from class,
Fire my laptop and sit waiting with a glass,
Faster than ever the time will pass!
And i keep calculating the atomic mass!

A look into her eyes is all i need,
An unfulfilled wish which may never ease,
I keep imagining the way she looks,
A train to karnataka i want to book. :D

She sleeps early everyday,
i feel heart pierced for the efforts i made,
I go to bed thinking again,
that she will message me tomorrow again.

Same routine is the day after,
I go to college in the morning,
No time sooner is the day boring.
But i always wish seeing her smiling.

The way she looks doesn't matter,
Because seeing me, your heart will shatter.
Dont think i bluffing around,
You will back down when i pound. :D

All i know she is cute as hell,
Or Satan has stored her in his shell,
The shell to break is my only dream,
And on my face is the sunrise Beam !!

- To the heartbreaker

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