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Why is it that women are treated as objects? We’re living in the goddamn 21st century or the 7th century?? Why is it that women are not treated equally as men? Are they any less of a human being? Are they not born the same way as men? Do they not grow up the same way as men? Then how the fuck can being women change the whole society’s perception towards them?

There are plenty of questions in our minds, especially about women. But do we also have answers to them? NO. We don’t. The plight of women in this country isn’t hidden from anyone. We read the morning newspaper and the entire paper is full of crime against women, rapes, molestations, kidnappings, honour killing, domestic violence and what not. everyday six women are raped in Delhi shocking isn't it?

I am seriously irritated by the way women are treated here in this country. On one hand, this fake society worships female goddesses (Maa Durga, Maa Kaali), celebrate navratras twice a year in their name, worship gaau maata (cow) and on the other hand all this crime and inhumane behaviour towards the same females.
So what is the bloody reason for these happenings? Obviously, she is a female, she has a hole in her body, which can be broken anytime to “reduce” her importance, which will ultimately make her “impure”. Bullshit.

Why are women seen as a weaker sex? Why do they not demand being considered as equal as men? Why a guy gets away with raping a girl? And why is raping her even considered? The society as inbuilt in us such a thinking about sexuality, that’s why sex is overrated. Taking away girl’s virginity is considered a big deal and an alternative to destroy her. where the guy isn't affected at all, and the girl isn't left with anything with her.

If a guy loses his virginity, he’s termed as a stud and if a girl does the same, she’s named a slut. Why it is that virginity is the only criteria to judge how “pure” a girl is. Why that is a female can’t leave her husband after marriage if he doesn’t respect her, doesn’t behave, beats her up, burns her body, because she’s a “woman” now, because she isn’t a virgin now? Why can’t she go back to her parents? Why do they not accept her now? Why are girls perceived as liabilities for the parents?

Perhaps, there are a lot of ‘Whys’ and no answer to them. It’s disheartening to see people tease/rape/beat/burn a woman who is the one giving birth to them. Women are seen as objects, indeed or a baby-bearing-machine, whose life’s aim is to be used by others. Her only job is to serve as a maid/help in her family first, then get married and bring lots of dowry, does all the household chores, be available to satisfy your physical needs whenever you want her to (irrespective of whether she wants it or not), then bear your children, get beaten by you, be available as your punching bag whenever you come home having a fight or a bad day at office, then she should also listen to what your mother has to say to her, get blamed for giving birth to a girl too (without knowing that it’s not in her control), and finally get burned “accidentally” in your kitchen by accidental spilling of kerosene on her and unnaturally locking of the door!

Married women not only face domestic violence but also are threatened to be left by their husbands if they speak or do something their husbands don’t agree with. This is prevalent after having a baby, when the husband knows his wife can’t go anywhere leaving him and his family, that’s when the violence starts. If the first time the females lets go or doesn’t react, it’s automatically a boost to her husband’s ego to climb to the next step, he can then take her for granted and do things he want to, knowing that she CAN’T go anywhere. This is where the role of the girl’s family comes, they should take a stand and not let their daughter suffer. But, many don’t, perhaps, they can’t.
There’s not always a case of physical violence, but also emotional suffering. These are the worst, as these wounds can’t be seen but are always felt by the woman.

I’m not a feminist, I want people to be aware of what women are capable of; they need to change their thinking towards women, starting right from their homes, their mother, their sisters, their girlfriends, and their wives. Somewhere, women need to stand up for themselves too, for if they’ll not understand their worth, no one else would!

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