All important phrases are voiceless
All the photos with friends does not impress
The most strange people are always great
but the causes for happiness is always not the fate
The most honest thing you hear are in the kitchen at night
After all, the feelings can't be said on phone at daylight

And then..we cry like a wolf
So dreary echoes to foul
All the favourite songs are in a hoarse voice
All favourite poems doesn't rejoice
All the arrogant people are nobodies
and all equal people are at unease.

All important meetings are random
Sad circus clowns have all the fandom
All stubborn skeptics are dreamers
Because we are the believer.

Brilliant thoughts are always delusional.
But everything's in vain when i am emotional..

The rhyme less poem ends on a strange note. It doesn't want to extend anymore. After all, if the mood is not festive, we should not celebrate the day..

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