He didn't look people in the eyes while talking. In general with everybody, and in particular this action was more obvious when he talked to girls. He would rather hover his eyes over the arms, shoulders or legs of the listener, but eyes. His avoidance of eyes was almost conspicuous.

I asked, why don't you look in the eyes? It can give an impression of 'concern-less-ness'? He replied, "when I looks in the eyes of the listener I lose the focus of the issue at hand. Also, I feel that my eyes are 'leaky'. They might 'leak' what I conceal, and the other person might just be equally intelligent to read it."

And you almost always avoid it while talking to girls, why? And he replies "In addition to the reasons I mentioned, I feel if I look in the eyes of a girl, they won't stay there"

"Where will they go?", I asked.

"They might be dragged by her lips, and this time they might stick there, despite of me wanting to take them away, and that would be rude." he replied.

"So why don't you instead, avoid lips and look into the eyes?" I demanded

"Because lips have got gravity, they drag my eyes, and hold them to themselves, this makes me vulnerable and gets me exposed"

"why EXPOSED?" I quipped.

"Because I feel this part of the anatomy (besides others) is where the girls are very conscious, about people eyeing them..so..won't staring them get me exposed"?

"Mmm. Well. Yes they will" I said.

"But I have seen you, not facing girls even when they pass by? Why?"

Because Allah commands in Quran "Lower your gazes", he replied.

I just wondered, "where does this come from!?"

"But why take Allah so seriously?" I inquired.

"Because he will raise us back to life after we die, and we will be rewarded/punished according to our acts and subjected to hell or heaven till eternity." He explained.

"And you believe in this?"

"Belief is an understatement, I KNOW it!"

"How?" I asked

"There's no HOW in belief!" He replied and left.

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