Breathing through your lungs,mom i thought
everything was perfect just like you,
i crooned in happiness, waiting to know
the world that i never knew
Perhaps on the day i was born,it rained heavily
the sky was dark,not blue
I don't know the reason why? but may be
the angels above had a clue.

Apparently smiles vanished,mom was chided
for i was a girl and not a boy
i grew playing alone,no schools,no dolls
watching my brother get every toy,
The day i grew up, only then
there were showers of love and care,
It was just to convince me,i was a burden
and should be married dad declared.

I was locked amid the bricks of chastity,
when i thought my prince would come and take me along
Relatives forced me to marry an elderly moron,
yet i decided to stand strong
The next day i was sold for money,none told me about this
not even my intuition,
My soul was ripped apart, i was behind bars
for i committed the crime of prostitution

Do you still think i am a prostitute? i wonder what do i say if i have a daughter?
Girl don't step out, world is a dirty place to live in?
That one day you will fall prey to the butcher's slaughter ?
Child molestation,female foeticide ,rape cases,everything will piss you off?
what do i say?