Am I alive??? I had been neglecting myself just after asking the same question for a long time,,, and getting busy again in the routine work and putting the self analysis always on the next day!!! I was behaving as if I had promised to go out on date with the person I detest and now just seeking for an escape!!!

But excuses are no panacea my dear!!! I told it to myself yesterday! and ,when I just took a deep breath and gave whole 10 minutes just to myself, no disturbance of hindrance... here I found the image of things blur, my cheeks felt wet and my eyes were just watering!!!

It was for I was just feeling close to the supreme power and felt embarrassed for forgetting my real, for stopped looking forward, for stop seeking the positive!!! Here, I asked Him to give me one more chance so that I may bring comfort to my disturbed heart! To put the confusions to an end, to feel the happiness from inner side!!!!

And as soon as I took my head up from the floor... and started to close the long long conversation with Him... the ray of Hope rises into me, I don't know from where... I felt as if I am completed now!!! As if I had achieved the peace I was looking for!!!
And then I found the answer, "Yes! I was alive and I am alive! because I could weep feel the absence of my integral part!"

Here, my love, Allah, My God, I feel your divine power and I truly believe in Him for He has never disappointed me!!! He is always there whenever I need Him the most !!!!

So, if you feel unsatisfied, just try to search the reason in yourself... in your soul, in your heart, in your mind!!! Never forget to give time to yourself in this busy life... nothing is more important than inner satisfaction and peace of mind... try to find what completes you!!!!

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