Meaning “The hidden one” “Mysterious of form” (in combination with Re –“hidden Sun light”)


There are more than 2000 known gods and goddesses worshiped in Ancient Egypt. One of the most important gods was Amon (Amun), who had the name Amun Re later in the history.

Who is Amon?

He is a creator god with the title “King of the gods”, his cult is dedicated to fertility and life. Moreover Amon was the supreme creator of the world and “father of the pharaoh”. Other spelling of his name are: Amun, Ammon, Amen, Hammon. He was the One god from whom everything and everyone came to life.


Appearance of Amon?

Images of Amon show him as a man with blue or black skin, His clothes are royal – double plumed headdress with red and green (or red and blue); He is always depicted with jewelry like collar, necklace, bracelets and armlets. He wears kilt or a tunic. In his right hand he is holding Ankh – symbol of eternal life – and in his left hand is a scepter; In some places we see him with a bull tail hanging from his clothes.

Symbolic animal?

Amun is often depicted not only with humans head, but with animal head –of a hawk – encircled by a sun disk and serpent on the top. Other ways to draw him are with head of Ram, Uraeus (cobra), frog. also Ram (sphinx with ram head); Goose, Lion. There are many variations of depicting him, exactly because of the various spheres of life and fertility, he was asked for help.


Temples of Amon?

The most significant and famous temples dedicated to Amon are: Temple in Deir el Medina (near to the Valley of the Kings, across Thebes). Luxor Temple (where ancient Egyptian worshiped “version” called Amenemope. The temple complex of Karnak, which is the largest temple of Amon (attractive with the alley of the criosphinx – sphinx with rams head)

Center of his worship?

Was the city and area of Thebes and Hermopolis.

Family ?

Amon was part of the so called “Thebean Triad: Amon, Mut, Khonsu”. They are mother, father and child.

His wife as Amun was know as Amunet (the mother-goddess) ; Later when Re was added to his name his wife became Mut (goddess of Thebes). His son is Khonsu – important moon energy and healing god.


Spiritual Correspondences of Amon?

With the Greek god Zeus, Roman god Jupiter.


He is the Supreme self created God, connected with the Sun god Ra.


The depicting of Amun in blue skin symbolizes his connection with the Primal force of Air and sky. As manifestation of worlds creation he was god of the Air (wind), sun and sky. Later in history, when his cult was revived again during 18. dynasty, he merged with the fertility god Min, and became Amun-Min.

Symbol of Amun was his crown from cylindrical down part and top of two double ostrich feathers. The ostrich was symbol of creation and light. The sphinx with the Ram head was symbol of fertility, that`s why Amun was “the lord of the two horns”. There were 900 statues of Ram headed sphinxes in Thebes.

The richest people in ancient Egypt (except the Pharaoh family) were the priests.

They owned sometimes 80 000 people working for them, and enormous cattle.

~ He was considered to be a father of Menthu –the god of war in Thebes.

~ Egyptians celebrated in his honor the festival Opet – where symbolically a great statue of Amun traveled from temple of Karnak to temple of Luxor, celebrating his marriage with Mut.


(At the Sun Temple archeologist discover ancient Egyptian astrological and zodiac system, showing all symbols and magical tools in dominion of 12 gods – referring to the 12 zodiac signs. In this system Amun rules in time (26 April -25 May)


Mystical symbols of Amun ~


 Crystal ~ Turquoise

 Color ~  Light blue

 Number ~ four

 Scent ~ carnation

 Animal ~ Ram

 Flower ~ blue cornflower

 Tree ~ oak

 Herb ~ sage

 Food ~ red plum


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