I know what happened
I know it didnt went right
I know it hurted you
But seeing you in pain hurted me twice
We used to be so close
But now we ain't that tight
We know whose at fault here
But we wont say it before it's time

The dirty act's of mine
The cruel word's of your's
Crushed the love we ahd into a worthless soul
I know i did you wrong
And trusting me might be really hard
But i promise to change my ways
And i promise that starting today
We said we would make it better
But even i know it's foolish
The love and trust we once shared is now gone and broken
I dont know why your sticking with me
I know it's because u know i'll cry
And seeing me in pain will hurt you just like that night
I want things to get better but the more i try
The more you drift apart from me;the more i realize
I know we have nothing to say
And we stare in eachother's face
But listen were'nt you the one who said i love you with all my might

All i want to say now is your free if you want to go
You wont watch me cry or see my tear's hit the floor
I know it would hurt alot
But with time everything get's better
Letting you go would be hard
But i know it's for the better
You were my bestest friend but now it's all an act you see
You want me to be something im not and now i'm getting sadder
You said you gave me another chance but i know you really didnt
You still hold that grudge inside of you and im still regretting

My last word's to you would be
iM SORRY for ever hurting you in each and every way
But you should know that I LOVE U and would always be here to stay....

Tags: Abstract, Poetry

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