Today I had an argument with my mother. This type of argument never took place before I don't know why it took place, maybe because situation demanded or maybe I was over mature or maybe something else. I don't know why it happened but it happened.

After 4 days I had Traditional Day in my college and this was my last year or rather last few months of my college. I hail from North India and so I wanted to wear Kurta Payjama. My sister's marriage was after 20 days and everyday something was being purchased for wedding. So I naturally expected a Kurta Pyjama for me in the herd of new things. I thought I will clean my hands in the flowing water but it wasn't that easy. First of all father denied permission for it because it was for one time use and that one time wasn't that essential. He asked me to wear what I was wearing last time.
So next day I again asked mother to get me that and she denied. I told few facts about the marriage which I don't know but I shouldn't have told. When a 3 thousand bucks can be spent on a cologne bottle why can't they spend few hundred on me too?. I told her that thousands are being spent on sister's wedding shopping everyday and why can't I get few hundred rupees ? I told her that the amount of money that is being spent on sister will never be comparable to what will be spent on me any fine day. She was surprised. She said she is a girl she won't live with us anymore. I should understand. She said this house and property is all mine. But I counter answered her saying it wasn't mine it was hers. After that she said that I can take money for it and I now I didn't feel like taking it anymore. I didn't want anything after that. I was saying more things on it but she didn't want to hear anything else. I felt I did wrong but some part of me still feels very correct . I don't know where was I wrong though.

Maybe by saying that the property wasn't mine I out casted her.
I don't know may be I was jealous or too selfish or maybe wished it was right to give me that. I can't say anything but I think this conversation was a harsh one. Maybe I shouldn't feel about my sister like that , maybe they were buying things for wedding for some better reason that I couldn't understand.
I can still see her thinking about it after a day.

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