Mr. Pen
Fountain villa
Writing Street
Penning Nagar

Ms. Ink Mary
Dye-based villa
Spreading street
Royal Nagar

Dear Inky,

Sub: A marriage proposal

It is with great excitement I’m writing you this letter. I’m sure that you are very well aware of the importance of our life with co-operation and mutual understanding. It’s like “without me you are of no use and without you I’m hell meaningless”. A life of consistency and proper mixing of love is important for both of our future life. And I very well know you are already in love with me… :P
So I think that now it’s the time you’ve to inform about our marriage-matter to your mother Mrs. Bottelina and at the earliest my father Mr.Pentop will’ve a talk with your father Mr.Dyer. I’ve already discussed it with your brother Mr. Ball pen and he said me that his marriage with Ms. Refill and ours can be proceeded together. Hope you’ll soon spread more details.
With love,
Yours Pen.

Tags: Love, Letter

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