This Sunday,while in church I met God.Yes,I met God and I got to interview Him.He was not Lord Jesus,He was not Lord Ganesh,He wasn't even "allah" either,He was just God........................
I got a chance to interview Him,when I asked whether He was ready to be interviewed He got very sweaty and started having hiccups.Ignoring all of this I just started the interview with God.
ME:God,tell me how were you able to take care of this earth for billions of years?
GOD:I never could stay in one place,you see there is also a parallel universe just light years away from your universe.
ME(prompting him):so it resulted in...................?
GOD(very irritated):So it resulted in the periods of Ice age and the many ages I cannot remember..................
ME:huh?!but,but you are GOD!!!!
GOD:Yes,yes I am.
ME:No I meant that you are supposed to know everything right?You are after all
God,how can you not remember something so important?
GOD:Well I do not have computers or laptops in which I am supposed to store all
those freaking information and I am only God.duh?!
ME:Are you freaking kidding me?you are supposed to know everything,you don't need computers to record information,you yourself are one?!The computers,the Laptops,everything was inspired by you!
GOD:Well that is not my fault,I lead human beings to think of me like that so that they wouldn't be lazy.I wanted to be a role model for them and............
ME:How many things have you lied about till now?
GOD(with a scared expression):To you?
GOD:Oh to the humans?Well for starters,I am mortal(demonstrates it with a knife)I only led human beings to believe that so that no one could snatch my post for me and kill me.
ME:OMG!and what,what did you lie about?
GOD(blushing):Well,I exactly really didn't create the universe,it was actually formed on its own.........I wanted people to think that I am invincible and they wouldn't dare fight with me for the kingdom then
ME:but you already told them that you were IMMORTAL!!!
GOD:ya,but that was only one reason which wasn't really enough!
ME:and what else did you say?
GOD:well it is not possible for me to predict the future,luck of a person depends on ones own self.So I really haven't been around lately and I made differences between the rich and poor so that the poor would worship me and with my blessings they could fight the rich and leave me in peace.
ME:One last question,Why are you telling me about all of this stuff?Isn't it supposed...................................
GOD:I have got no more time left,I am also the ruler of Heaven.Down you you go now,to earth.There is a bunch of dead people waiting to be interviewed.

I reached Earth,I seemed to have awoken from a deep sleep but the whole dream felt real and I actually found a sheet of paper at my hand.But,later in heaven.......
ANGEL:God why did you lie to that sweet,fair maiden?
GOD:she and sweet?I felt that she was rather inquisitive.
ANGEL:But why did you lie to her?
GOD:Because I felt like it.......Why can't I lie?
GOD:well even I need some enjoyment in my life,I wanted to see her embarrass herself on international television.
ANGEL:I doubt whether she believed it or not.
GOD(winking):Well its in my hands whether she believes it or not,isn't it?

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