Dear Sir
I am writing to tell you that I exist. Yes I exist, beyond the walls of your empire, beyond the brightness of your city and beyond the thoughts of your people. I was born in the family of an ‘Aam Aadmi ‘. As a little girl, when I tried to go to school I was pulled out and was asked to go home. The Head master said I was unfit for school because I was a scheduled caste. I came home and cried, my mother said it’s my destiny, my penance for the wrong deeds of my past life. I still wonder how. I was the apple of my parent’s eyes. But your nation around me, seems to have too much of a problem. I never asked for any more than what a child wants but your nation is filled with demons. I grew older and older, and with every passing day I have been assaulted in every possible manner. I screamed and cried but no one came to help. I am the daughter of this nation and there are millions like me. I hear some of them have gone missing even before they were born. Fortunate they were, otherwise the world here is even scarier.
Every hand around me wants a share in my body. Every eye that sees me wants to kill me it seems. I am dying every moment and you are doing nothing about it. On my last birthday, you promised me some gifts, I have been waiting for them since then; they haven’t reached me yet. Long back, I visited your city. beautiful it was, no wonder why you can’t see me, the brightness is overpowering indeed. No no, I was not there to enjoy the lavishness; I was being trafficked. And again you could do nothing about it. Every time I look for help you dishearten me. I am broken and shattered. I pray for my death but it’s hard to come. I hear many more daughters are dying every day for all the reasons you already know. I am no different from all the people you know, it’s just that I did not have the privilege of being your very own. Wait no more, save me and save all others, send us the gifts you promised, bring us the life we deserve. Millions of daughters of this nation are in distress. Hunger, poverty and crime; they don’t discriminate when they strike upon us. They just victimize and kill. And you do nothing about it.
Yours Sincerely

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