When heaven's train makes an unexpected call
We go away, though people make a mournful squall
Though they cry a thousand calls
Our part is over though span is small

Body a vehicle & soul a guide
When He makes a call, there's no abide
What we carry, is a good name, love & trust
Cos bones are turned into sticks & flesh a dust

Lets make this life, an adventurous ride
Before He calls us his besides
Life, a beautiful beads of strings
Who knows? When he alarms an unexpected ring?

Life isn't about gaining worldly things
But how many souls you heal & hearts you win
Cos when we leave this mortal world
Money wealth none matters, but few good words

Lets dream & live a pleasant dream
Before souls rest in peace, get a call from supreme
We all need to go in bare empty hands
When we get an eternal knock in wedding grands

Before He makes our call with fest
Lets finish our part, giving the best!

Tags: LIFE, Death, God

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