Though I've never seen you or met;
I lay on my bed half slept;
All because your dreams make home in my heart;
Though you are apart!

Days and nights pass through;
But I can never stop thinking of you.
Reveries, desires are millions and tons;
The reason behind is only you one!

He, in golden words has written my fate;
You will be my strength, my Life mate.
Whoever and wherever are you;
I want to cherish with you!

Waiting for the day you hold my hand and swear;
That you hold me tight in your arms ever!
Like divine in soul and closest friend in life;
I wish to live with you my entire life!

Unrelated thoughts and sleepless nights;
I guess my dreams are right.
Don’t know how many of them I chase;
Who are you? Question still remains in its place!!

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