There I am at the half century mark! Finally 50 posts here! Happy!!! I love to write(But I'm lazy writer!) and there are ideas coming up every now and then. And most of the times writing takes a back seat. Reasons? College, Projects, Assignments,Exams, etc. It's not easy being a writer and an engineering student!
I'd almost given up writing. But somewhere down the line my friends pestered to write about something and then something else and the rest as they say is history! And then Writer Babu happened! I'm so in love with this site. And having completed 50 posts gives me great joy!
And to add to it, the results of WBC announced yesterday have given me more joy! I'd written that article not for the contest! I'd written my feelings when I read the topic and then felt it was good, so added the WBC tag to it! And why am I so happy about it? I wrote it when I had my exams! :-D Happy to write, hope to write more! But for now my books are calling me and I have to go because I still have my exams (And how I hate them!)
P.S. Wish me luck!

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