There she was standing down the road waiting for me as I saw her head from very far. Then as I started walking toward her, I can see her hiding her eyes from me so that I can't see the pain she is hiding in herself for a long time. Last night, she got a scolding from her parents because of the relationship we have. It was sad for both of us. We never planned how we will tell her parents about us but I was so sure that this was not the one way, we ever thought.

I could see her fading smile after meeting me. All she wanted was my shoulder to cry upon. Then, as we made an eye contact, I hugged her as tight as possible. I made her realise that there will be no end to our love. It will never be a past, because in our love we will only have future. I comfort her as much as I could. She was happy and she was smiling with the best ever breath-taking smile I ever saw. Now, it was time to say goodbye. I kissed her cheeks as she blushed when I said I love You. I gave her a tight hug and console her. I said that there is always ups and downs in relationship. That what makes it more beautiful, that's what make it more lively every day.
We turned around to move in opposite directions. After walking few distance, we turned around. We caught each other glimpse. Then she screamed I love You. And I swear to God that I can do anything for her, for that smile. It was like a dream come true. Her smile took away my all sadness and pain. I was not just happy, I was living in seven sky. Her smile reminds me of angel coming from heaven to bless the holy earth. It reminds me all my happiness, when we were child, the smile we have because of something we get. That's It..She was smiling the same way and I felt that happiness only.
That day went well with just an argument between her and her parents. I pray God that this situation should end up really soon because I haven't loved her since days. Next morning, she called me at 9 A.M. When I was trying to give her a good morning kiss, she refused. I know something was wrong with her. I could feel something in her voice. I could sense the pain in the way she says morning. I was thinking that I am living my worst nightmare ever. All I wanted was to end this dream as soon as possible and come back to reality. But, It was reality.
She told me we can't be together any more. She promised her parents that she will never ever talk to me in her life. She promised her parents that she will end every relationship and contact with me. This words of her pierced through my heart. It was like a sword through my heart and all I could see was that sword going inside me deeper and deeper.
I tried everything, I begged her. She just said that it is impossible. For me, impossible is just a word in dictionary. How can I leave a girl with whom I am sharing my life for past 15 months. How can I live with this fact that the best girl I ever met in my life just left me?
This was not an ego ?...She wanted to test out love, I can tell her and everyone else that it was love, it is love, and it will be always love. I was helpless in front of her demands. I never deny to her any request. I couldn't deny this one. We broke up. But still, I did everything humanly possible to convince her, but she was like a concrete wall, resistant to every word I say!
It was like a girl I never knew. The whole incident swallowed my baby doll and changed her into a girl, I never wanna have.
All I wanted to say to her that how much I love you and how much I care for her. But in the end, I couldn't say a word but Please Don't Leave Me.
My life was just about to change.
Then I promised my girl, that just wait for 3 to 4 years, I will come back to your dad and I will ask him Can I marry your daughter?
I promised my girl that after all that lonely years,we spent, I will achieve enough success so that her father can finally let me marry you !
But there was a mild doubt in my heart. Will she wait for me ?
Will she marry someone else?
Will she be able to tell her dad that I love someone ?
But with all of his doubts I started his journey for a girl, to achieve her.
With all my courage, power, lover for her, and passion for her, I started a journey with loads of unimaginable things just to have her back in my life !
-Aayush Swastik

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