You say you love me but

You never gave me roses to hold

Nor, like Romeos, promises told.

You never took me to parks

Tryst for you was a concept dark.

And you say you love me.

I know, you have feelings true

At least you must feel free

To tell how much you love me.

But they are confined to your soul.

And you say you love me.

Why did you hurt me?

Not once but twice and thrice

Its reverie alone makes me shiver.

But I love you more than ever.

Just want to know

If you feel the same

Do say and let me know

If we share the feeling same.

I’m not a very articulate man.

And yes i never did take you to parks

i also hurt you and i’m sorry for that

more than you can imagine.

I have issues a lot .

If i told you i love you,

you wouldn’t believe me

Also because there is a high chance our paths would differ.

All i can say is believe it or not,

in my own weird unexpressive way

i do love you.

Tags: Poem, Love

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