God (PURE SPIRIT) created this world n We are born as Innocent living Angels... There's smthing special abt us tht set us apart frm Other living creation... In our daily routine, we see the world, meet lots of people...

The world talk about us n We talk about the world..

But have we ever tried to talk with our self??? Naaah...

Close ur eyes & see ur self, so tht u cn see the world better.

Meet our two personalities

Angel : A personality hidden deep inside of us.. our self, PURE SPIRIT or Truth. Its permanent by nature.

Devil : A MASK on our inner personality.. comprises of lust, greed, ego, attraction, hatred etc. Its temporary by nature.

Its A mask with many shades or color.. changes with time, place, circumstance, different for evry person.

whereas our Angel remains the same throughout the life.. unaffected by anything. its colorless.

"Angel With a Devil's MASK"

We people do a lot for our own kids.. good clothes, food, education, expensive toys etc.. all demands gets fullfiled, bt the same time gets annoyed & scolds whn we face a child begger at red signal asking for a piece of bread just...

Sometyms We Gives a lot to charity without even seeking by ny1 but again cnt gve a single penny to the child who cleans ur expensive car at signal stop.

we cant even take toys frm the poor kid's who's earning with hard work, day n night.

"Angel With a Devil's MASK"

We grow up. we get marry.. but then attraction changes from parents to wife..

We gt annoyed wth the parents in their old age bt becomes angelic towards wife (obviously fr smtime). Most of us either gets seperate or kicks them

out of the house to old age homes...

"Angel With a Devil's MASK"

We young blood talks a lot about humanity n humility, So Angelic.... aftr getting satisfied with the debate... we feel hunger.. thn moves to KFC, McDonalds fr

Yummie chicken burger at just 25... Thn we move on to shop attractive Branded leather stuffs on sale... leather jackets, shoes, bags.. etc..

we eat, we purchase & the butchering continues fr our few bucks hunger n lifestyle on sale... thn we join "hunger strike" on corruption...

"Angel With a Devil's MASK"

We Young Blood Talks a lot about respecting womens, So Angelic... but we like to see explicit contents on internet... Like watching latest MMS, Habbitual to use

foul language in the name of "Mother" n "Sister"... We luv listning "sheela ki jawani" & "munni badnam"

Thn joins the "Anti-Rape Campaign" & take a oath on news channels...

"Angel With a Devil's MASK"

We folks during college tym dreams to do smthing fr the country,

we becomes doctor, lawyer, teacher but we have to ask ourself at the end of the day, how much money we made at what expense.

when inspite of having medical knowledge n capability, a poor patient dies outside the hospital...

when innocent becomes victim of our Clever law knowledge...

When we deal to provide coaching with high fees n nuthin fr the needy...

"Angel With a Devil's MASK"

We people talk a lot about "saving environment" being "eco friendly", but thn buys SUV, lots of Cars.. each car for each member of the family

"Angel With a Devil's MASK"

We people are so angelic towards our own religion but dislike other religion.. Inspite of the fact that evry saint of evry religion confirmed "GOD AS ONE"

These are jus short examples..

DEVil's Mask always dominates over the Angel..

BUT The Angel Is Powerful Cuz its permanent, its our self, Devil's mask is jus temperory..

At the end of the day we have to ask ourself


How much we hurted sm1 by words or deeds..

Do we act as we say, as we think??

we were born as an ANGELS, Now how we wnt to die..........


All Over to u folks.

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