You rise up like the temperature on a hot summer,
Making me look dumber!
The cartoons can burn their ears on fire when in anger.
But on me you are so bitter!
Why is that you turn up when I am hurt?
Oh! Mr Anger why do you exist?

When Mr anger is here can Miss Laughter be far behind?
She makes you laugh until you go blind.
She is warm ,compassionate with a glint of grace,
She is the sun that drives winter from our face.
You are the recipe for a good coffee with a friend and his bad joke!
Mr Anger is whom you like to choke.

Mr Cry, take away all my pain.
Laughter and anger bound together by your chain.
Anger,laughter,memories and love is what brings you rolling down my cheeks.
When you come, its only my eyes that speaks.
Without you joy loses its brilliance and sorrow has no end.
You glisten down while my broken heart you mend.

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