Animal kingdom: Top five everything
Most Poisonous on Earth
1) Box Jellyfish
2) Sea Snake
3) Blow Fish
4) Blue-Ringed Octopus
5) Fat Tailed Scorpion

Dart Frog (Other than the list)
These little creatures are only 2 inches long. But they are so toxic! The poison secreted by only one of them can kill even 10 people they are 10th in the world list of 2014 but still it is mesmerizing to study these small guys whose poison is used as a weapon in Colombian tribes.

Longest Snakes

Slithering through the leaves, snakes are amazing assassins check out how long they can be…

1) Reticulated Python ………49 feet
2) Green Anaconda……….37 feet
3) Scrub Python…………26 feet
4) African Rock Python………..20 feet
5) King Cobra………….18.5 feet

Funny word python it is? The largest ever found was 49 feet the world record ever. These snakes are like the alpha predators in the world of crawlers.

Night Hunters
The dead night is a time when nocturnal predators thrive. We think these ones rule….
1) Vampire bats This bat survives on blood of animals.
2) Anglerfish Deep sea fish with lure on his head.
3) Sugar Glider Australian possum that can glide.
4) Gila monster Big Lizard with venomous saliva.
5) Caiman Related to crocs and alligators.

Vampire Bats
These little creatures are real vampires these are only mammals that exclusively feed on the blood it may be cattle, pigs, dogs and Yes, humans if they want to suck.
Largest Spiders
Are you or anybody else afraid of spiders so please don’t look here.
1) Huntsman 30cm
2) Brazilian Salmon Pink 27cm
3) Goliath Birdeater 25.5cm
4) Wolf Spider 25.4cm
5) Purple bloom bird-eating spider 23cm

This giant spider has insects and invertebrates in its food list with dangerous poison.

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