This one is really interesting. Looks like we humans have made our lives much more complicated than it ought to be. Cliched? Well, take this. The national emblem for the North Americas is something of a "Bald Eagle". Big deal?
The not so big deal actually is that the members of this species form a very tight family unit. So tight that the mum and pop do not divorce at all ! Yep. They are a couple for life. How easy for the kids of the family. The irony is that the divorce rate is much higher for human Americans. So the kid Americans do not have as much a priviledged life of having the parents together as the kid-Eagles then. When curiosity got the better of me, I searched for the other species that endured the hardships of a commited life together or for long periods and there were many. The much loathed Wolves and the Jackals are family folks as well. The elder siblings in the Jackal family even help the mother in nursing the younger ones. The Albatross and the insignificant termite are two more pro-family people. The grown ups may have their own preferences, but the kids of these species are definitely going to lead a less confused existence than in the multi-tier structured human families of the day with three set of siblings one each from mum and pop and one set from them both together!

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