Here am I again! Just can't stop my fingers from fiddling with the keyboard.

I want to vent my feelings against a certain category... known as Anonymous.
I read such amazing writeups and after I take the poll, when I want to shake hands with the author..lo n behold..its the infamous Mr Anon.

Now why would folk want to remain hidden is beyond me. Having written such beautiful run for refuge. Who's gonna thrash you, who's gonna do you any harm?

I have a strong feeling you guys and gals know each other. Classmates, former lovers, siblings of the same family? Or why would you hide behind this awful name? As strangers what difference would revealing identity or adopting a pen name make?
At least an 'A' or a 'T' would suffice.

You resemble a henpecked hubby somehow gathering courage to speak an opposing word to his wife from his hidingplace...behind his newspaper.

An invisible revel in beguiling gullible folk. They sense your presence but search for your identity. Your imposing personality.

There's the mysterious woman who plays with someone's heart and flees when the ruined one seeks desperately for her.

The gentle breeze that caresses a tired countenance unseen. Or the stormy wind uprooting trees without even an introduction.

A mimosa touch-me-not herb that shrivels on touch. Sensitive like a cockroach's antenna. Nose twitching..tail between legs..sensing danger like a scared dachshund.

Why do you write and run?
You deprive us of pure fun.
Annoying Anon.

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